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Last updated on 1 August 2019

EMDR Institute Trainers

EMDR Institute Trainers - Australia
Sigmund Burzynski

Sigmund is the Senior EMDR Institute Trainer in Australia and a Trainer of Trainers in Asia. He is based in Geelong, Victoria.


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Anthony Smith

Anthony has been a 

Faculty Trainer since 1998. He is a retired clinical psychologist in Adelaide, SA.

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Nick Cocco

Nick is a psychologist in Sydney and became  an EMDR Institute   Trainer in 2010. 

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Darra J Murphy

Darra was a country GP for 25 years. In Melbourne since 2004, he became an EMDR Institute   Trainer in 2015. 

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All EMDR Institute Faculty Instructors (Trainers) have been personally trained and approved by Dr Francine Shapiro to deliver  the EMDR Institute Basic Training Course in EMDR therapy.