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Last updated on 1 August 2019



This page covers three forms of Consultation:


1. Case Consultation

This refers to the Case Consultation component of Basic Training, which has been a requirement of training since 2007.

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2. Client Consultation

This refers to booking a professional consultation with me as a client.  

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3. Professional Consultation

This refers to booking a professional consultation with me as another Health Professional interested in EMDR therapy. client.  


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EMDR therapy is a physiological approach to psychotherapy, which neither psychiatrists nor  psychologists, family physicians nor social workers, nor even the laboratory neuroscientists can afford to ignore. At least they do so, I believe, at their peril. I consider EMDR therapy to be the most important development in the health field in my practising lifetime. 

EMDR therapy is a powerful synthesis of mainstream approaches to psychotherapy, both cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic. It bridges the mind-body dichotomy like no other therapy I have ever encountered. It is the natural heir to the very best in both the major traditions, in all their manifestations, and a host of minor ones. It is not just a 'treatment technique' and like any powerful resource, it can do great harm in the wrong hands. 


I am happy to present on EMDR therapy to any professional group that might be interested in it and to negotiate with both Public and Private (especially not-for-profit) organisations, to provide low cost trainings and ongoing affordable Case Consultation in EMDR therapy. As a medical practitioner and a generalist, I am deeply concerned about the growing dependence on medication, both prescribed and self-prescribed. EMDR therapy offers hope of a truly naturalistic treatment for even the most distressed persons.

Karl Marx described tribalism as the infancy of humanity, feudalism as its childhood and capitalism as its adolescence. Socialism, he hoped, would be its mature middle age and communism its old age and senescence. Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss how EMDR therapy might help us all to hasten the day when neglect and abuse are things we have truly left in the past, when all adults address the impact of adversity in their own lives and feel less insecure as adults. When, as Marx put it, we might fashion our reality like adults who have discarded our illusions and regained our senses!