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Last updated on 1 August 2019



Professional Consultation 

I consider EMDR therapy to be the most important development in the health field in my practising lifetime. That is why I have spent the last ten years mastering it sufficiently to feel worthy of teaching it. 


As a general medical practitioner, I am deeply concerned about the growing dependence on medication, both prescribed and self-prescribed. EMDR therapy offers hope of a truly naturalistic treatment for even the most distressed persons.


EMDR therapy is a powerful synthesis of mainstream approaches to psychotherapy, both cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic. It bridges the mind-body dichotomy like no other therapy I have ever encountered. It is the natural heir to the very best in both the major traditions, in all their manifestations, and a host of minor ones. It is not just a 'treatment technique' and like any powerful resource, it can do great harm in the wrong hands. 


I am happy to present on EMDR therapy to any professional group that might be interested in it and to negotiate with both Public and Private (especially not-for-profit) organisations, to provide low cost trainings and ongoing affordable Case Consultation in EMDR therapy.  Click here to contact me