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Last updated on 1 August 2019

EMDR Institute

EMDR Institute 
The EMDR Institute was founded in 1990 by Dr Francine Shapiro PhD, the originator and developer of EMDR therapy. 
The EMDR Institute Basic Training Course was designed by Dr Shapiro.
Far from being just one of many Basic Training Courses in EMDR therapy, this is the Training upon which all other standards of training in EMDR therapy throughout the world are based. In particular, this training formed the basis for the standards developed by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA), EMDR Europe and EMDR Asia.
The EMDR Institute Basic Training Course in EMDR therapy is recognised worldwide as an 'industry standard'. 
This is the only Basic Training Course in EMDR therapy that is delivered worldwide using a standardised manual. In some countries (e.g. Germany, Singapore, New Zealand), the EMDR Institute Basic Training is the only approved training. In other countries (e.g. the USA, UK, Australia), individuals have developed their own trainings, accredited by National and International Associations (e.g. EMDRIA, EMDR Europe). Whilst some of these organisations have had a close affiliation with the EMDR Institute, others have not and their training may vary considerably from the original. 
The EMDR Institute is recognised by EMDRIA both as a provider of Basic Training and as a Trainer of Trainers.
All EMDR Institute Faculty Instructors were personally trained and approved by Dr Shapiro.
The EMDR Institute Basic Training Course is the only course that was regularly reviewed by Dr Shapiro.
These reviews occurred in consultation with ~50 EMDR Institute Faculty Instructors, who represent a diverse range of mental health professions internationally. For around 2/3 of these professionals, English is a second language. To review the list of EMDR Institute Faculty Instructors ... Click here
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